About Us

Rhinoplasty Clinic is one of the leading clinics known across UAE and Pakistan. It was founded back in year 2004 by Dr. Farhat Bokhari who is also managing the enterprise since establishment. Known for providing some exclusive cosmetic and restorative surgery services at affordable costs, Rhinoplasty Clinic has a very unique identification in the world of Plastic Surgery.
Considering that going for plastic surgery is by no means an easy decision to make, the clients are provided with proper guidance so as to select the option that best suit their skin and body requirements.
For offering high quality cosmetic surgery services Dubai Cosmetic Surgery was selected by MBC television for their popular television show, “Bisarrah Ahlaa Kateer” with Joelle back in 2007. Surgeries of 10 participants were shown live which went on to attract a number of viewers around the world thus contributing in making Rhinoplasty Clinic popular.